Solve Our Own Problems Using Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Solving Problems By-: -ANI A new study shows that conversation with oneself embodied as someone else works better to solve people’s concern… Individuals for the most part look for a companion’s recommendation at whatever point in question. In any case, How about taking care of your issues without anyone else? In another examination, … Read more

This laptop fits in your hand

Smallest Laptop It runs black and white versions of five applications on the device’s tiny screen By-: A computer hobbyist has created what might be the smallest ThinkPad laptop. The ‘ThinkTiny’ is a DIY creation from Paul Klinger, a Ph.D. material science move on from the University of Vienna who amassed the small scale … Read more

Mobile Devices Are Turning Smarter With The Wave Of The Hand

Move Your Device With Your Hand Movements Move over voice. hand gestures are the only interface you will need for your next smartphone By-: businessinsider Tech giant Google has been developing the minority report style motion sensing radar technology for 5 years. Google’s motion-sensing technology, known as Project Soli appears to be one of the … Read more

This Bookshelf Speaker Blends Into Your Home

Bookshelf Speaker By-: The speaker supports voice assistant and delivers Hi-Fi sound while also saving space. The option helps expand your entire home wireless sound system Swedish home furnishing giant Ikea has teamed up with Sonos to create two new multi-room wireless models, each of which also functions as furniture. One of the two, the $99 Symfonisk … Read more

This Software Can Detect Fake Smiles

This Software Can Detect Fake Smiles BY-: PTI By analysing movements of eyes, mouth and cheeks, it can spot for fake or real smiles… London: Scientists have developed novel computer software that can differentiatebetween real and fake smiles. By examining the development of the grin over an individual’s face, the product can decide if the … Read more

Walk, Run And Swing To Harness Your Own Energy

Produce Energy On A Walk Putting laser-induced graphene composites in contact with other surfaces produce static electricity Researchers have made an adaptable material that can reap vitality from body developments to control wearable gadgets and sensors. Specialists from Rice University in the US adjusted laser-initiated graphene (LIG) into little, without metal gadgets that produce power. … Read more

Beat Heat With The Wearable Air Conditioner

Wearable Air Conditioner The device comes with a specially designed shirt that has a pocket behind the neck By Sony has recently launched a mini air conditioner that’s smaller than an average smartphone and you can wear it on the go. It’s called ‘Reon Pocket‘. The Reon Pocket can reduce the temperature by up … Read more

Are Digital Assistants Safe For Us??

Privacy Lapses Cast Cloud Hover Digital Assistants More effort is needed to reassure people that their data is protected when they use the tech By-: AFP A progression of security slips up as of late has raised crisp worries over the fate of voice-controlled digital assistants, a developing business sector seen by some as the … Read more

Putting Faith In Robots!

Playing God: Japan Temple Put Faith In A Robotic Priest By-: AFP A 400-year-old sanctuary in Japan is endeavoring to hotwire enthusiasm for Buddhism with a mechanical cleric it accepts will change the substance of the religion-regardless of pundits in any event, contrasting the android with “Frankenstein’s beast” The android Kannon, in view of the … Read more

5G Macbook?

The Upcoming MacBooks Could Come With A 5G Connectivity By-: 5G could be the next big thing once it is rolled out universally. While most of the 5G adoption is being pushed by carriers and smartphone makers, tech giant Apple could go all-in by integrating 5G in its MacBooks. According to a report in … Read more