Is Anker The Right Solution For All?

Know all about Anker Power bank 20100mAh power bank.

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Daily in the tech world uncountable brands pop-up, numerous product launches, which creates confusion in every consumer’s mind.

Out of these hundreds of brands available in the market, only a few are genuine and trustable, one of which is Anker power bank.

Anker Power Bank is the leading global brand in the charging technology, with almost 20 million+ happy users and counting.

And out of many amazing products by Anker, Powercore 20100 is one of its best power banks available in the market right now.

Powercore 20100 has a power capacity of 20100mAh with high-speed charging supported.


So, the first thing which catches my eye is the Matte Finish of this power bank, which not only gives this power bank a rough look but it also enhances the grip and makes it slip-free also it doesn’t let any smudge or stain stay on it, which preserves the newness of the power bank for ages.

The slimline design and the perfectly rounded edges of this power bank gives a really nice look in compared to any other power bank available in the market.

And on one of the edges, the power bank features its power button and the LED indicators, on the top side, which shows the battery capacity and charging status of the power bank.

The Powercore 20100 is not only dope in terms of looks, but its weight is also a key factor to notice as even with such a large capacity of batteries residing inside, it weighs just 350g.

So, the Powercore 20100 is not just easy in carrying, but its looks are also equally amazing.

It stands out from all other boring looking power banks, which we feel shy to put out on tables.

Not only this Anker also delivers a travel bag that adds on to the style of the power bank and also provides extra protection for the power bank itself.


Powercore 20100 has a battery capacity of about 20100mAh which is enough for charging an iPhone 7, seven times, Galaxy S6, five times, iPhone X, around six times, or even an iPad mini 4, two times.

It has two power outputs both with PowerIQ and Voltageboost features which helps to charge almost any device at the fastest speed possible. The output record is 4.8 amps, 2.4 amps from each port, which is enough for charging any two devices simultaneously.

So, it gets the work done nicely and also timely.

It takes about 10 hours for charging itself fully with a standard 2-amp charger (time can vary according to the charger used for charging).

This power is also compatible with the new 12-inch MacBook and almost any USB- charged device except, iPod nano, iPod Classic, HP TouchPad, Dell Venue 11 Pro, Asus tablets and some GPS and Bluetooth devices.

On top of all these features, Anker also provides MultiProtect Safety System: Surge protection, Short circuit protection, and many other advanced safety systems ensure an overall safe environment in this power bank which protects both your device and the power bank itself from a number of threats.

As Anker being a global brand also provides its customers an 18-month warranty on this power bank with friendly and easy-to-reach support.


According to us, Anker Powercore 20100 deserves a solid 4/5-star rating, both in battery capacity and looks.

The affordable price of this power bank makes it an investment done for the future, as being from a globally trusted brand we believe this power bank will surely going to be with you for ages without losing anything.

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