Apple Dropped Its Most Awaited Bomb Of iPhones

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Next-generation iPhone is launched with Next-generation technology

After so much of wait, Apple finally announced its new range of iPhones which are not just new iPhones but are a true representation of high-end technology fused with elegance.

Totally redesigned chip running inside, perfect attention to details and spectacular camera, are just a few of the key features. The new iPhone is truly a masterpiece and we are confused that where to start telling about it.

This new range has 3 variants available, namely, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 pro & iPhone 11 pro max, all three differ from each other, both in specs and prices, know more about each of them ahead, just make sure you read till the last line as it’s going to be seriously amazing.

New Camera Modules

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source-: Apple

Let’s start with the most notable among all, the new camera modules of the iPhone 11 series.

Apple as always, took a really innovative turn while making this new range and gave us the most amazing picture capturing experience ever possible with these new pro cameras.

The new camera modules introduced by Apple are,

  • The Ultra-Wide Camera
  • The Wide Camera
  • The Telephoto Camera
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source-: Pocket-lint

The Ultra-Wide Camera is not just any other wide shot camera, but it’s a 5-element lens camera that has got 13mm of focal length with a humongous 120° field of view. Means, now we can capture almost 4 times more without even taking a single step back.

Also, it has got a really amazing 4x optical zoom range, which helps us capture what matters the most, cutting all the random crap out without physically moving closer to the subject.

The Wide Camera is a state of art in itself, it’s a 6-element lens camera with a 26mm of focal length. This thing is a beast when it comes to capturing beautiful memories as it has got 100% Focus Pixels with Optical image stabilization (OIS), which brings moments to come alive in our phone screens.

Now last but not least, The Telephoto Camera, it’s also a 6-element lens camera with OIS. But with 52mm of focal length, which captures almost 40% more light than the other two lenses resulting in more dynamic and vivid image quality.

Both, iPhone 11 pro and pro max, boast all three newly introduced cameras on their rear sides, while the iPhone 11 has got the Ultra-Wide and Wide Camera modules present on its back.

Now, capture pictures that give straight competition to all the DSLRs out there.

With this, they have also got a 36% brighter True Tone flash with Slow Sync, and a Shutter with nearly Zero Lags.

With awesome picture capturing capabilities, they have also got really amazing video capturing powers.

They come packed with the ability to shoot 4K videos at 60 fps with an extended dynamic range and cinematic video stabilization.

So, now the line between the videos shot using a DSLR and a Phone is further thinned.

And just like photos, videos also got the ability to capture 4 times more than before, here as well all thanks go to the new Ultra-Wide Camera Module.

New Camera and Editing App

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source-: Apple

Yes, with the cameras turning smart and pro, the whole camera app also got evolved.

The new Camera app has got an elegant interface and simple one-tap capture feature which makes it easy to learn and use.

It has also got a new QuickTake feature which helps you take a video quickly while being in the photo mode. With it, we can also swipe right and left while capturing, to either continue recording or start taking burst photos. Removing the need to tap here and there for switching between modes.

There are also 3 different modes available in the camera app which just turned more amazing with the power of new camera modules:

  • Night Mode
  • Portrait Mode
  • Smart HDR Mode
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source-: The Verge

The all-new Night Mode uses intelligent software-hardware combination which helps to deliver low-light shots like never before. So yes, this time camping with friends will be more fun as now you can capture that breath-taking moonlight shot, which you missed before.

In this new Night Mode, one can also manually control all the settings to experiment and achieve a lot more detail with less or no noise at all.

With the help of iOS 13, the Portrait Mode got a new High‑Key Light Mono effect, which gives you the studio-style monochromes. Now, those blurred background Portraits will receive a new touch of professionalism and adds on to your style.

There are also 6 different Portrait Lighting effects available that let you control the intensity of the light, so you can flatter the subject as much as you want.

The new Camera app has also got the Smart HDR Mode which uses machine learning and smart algorithms to finesse all those highlight and shadow details, and iPhone is the first one that can automatically fine-tune both the background and subject in focus, separately.

Yes, now you can earn that tag of Pro with these handy tools and store those beautiful memories inside your iPhone forever.

With all these incredible Camera tools and features, Apple also introduced the new powerful video editor build in iOS 13 which offers various editing tools to play with.

Now editing your videos is just as easy as editing photos; Rotate, crop, auto-enhance, add filters and many more, are just a tap away. This new app has also got the Audio Zoom feature which can help you match your audio with the video frames.

Front Camera

Now you must be thinking for so long we are just talking about the rear cameras and the camera app, but what about the Front Camera.

In all three you get a 12MP TrueDepth camera that not only captures beautiful selfies but is also smart enough that when you need more room in your selfie picture just rotate your phone to the landscape and the phone will automatically zoom out to give more room for everyone.

It can also shoot amazing slow-motion selfie videos at 120 fps or 4K videos at 60 fps; Smile, you all phone vloggers out there.

With these specs, the iPhone raises the mark of perfection to unparallel heights.

Display and Glass

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source-: NDTV Gadgets

So far, we have known how powerful is the new iPhone’s camera, now let’s talk about another great thing about this series which is its new tougher and stronger glass with a new super vivid display inside.

With the launch of this series, Apple also introduced its new Super Retina XDR Display, which according to them is the sharpest and brightest display they have ever put on their iPhone.

All three phones have got a glass back and front, the glass featured is a new smudge and scratch-free glass, which is strengthened to the next level using the dual ion-exchange process.

The new Super Retina XDR Display, which comes in iPhone 11 pro (5.8‑inches) and pro max (6.5‑inches) is said to be the brightest and sharpest cause it has an extreme brightness range of 800 – 1200 nits.

When we are out in direct sunlight the screen can raise the brightness and hit the mark of 800 nits, this will prove quite amazing as now we can read and use our phones in direct sunlight as well without any problem.

And whenever viewing any extreme dynamic range content the screen can raise the brightness to the max of 1200 nits, which will make the content look more vivid and real-like.

With these amazing brightness levels, it also has a 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio with 458 pixels per inch.

The screen supports super HD viewing quality and also has cutting-edge sharpness, which will enhance both our gaming as well as video content experience

On the other hand, iPhone 11 comes with a 6.1-inches Liquid Retina HD Display, which was launched last year.

This year it got better with new software and upgrades, now it supports auto white balance which adjusts automatically to match the lights of your rooms.

It has a max brightness level of 625 nits, with 1400:1 contrast ratio and resolution of 326 pixels per inch.

Which is amazing enough to deliver an HD Quality viewing experience along with super smooth colour reproduction.

Custom-built A13 Bionic chip

Image result for iphone 11 Custom-built A13 Bionic chip
source-: The Verge

Now the main hero of this whole picture, the backbone of all these amazing camera performances and the overall smooth running of each and every aspect of the new iPhone 11 series.

The latest Custom designed A13 Bionic chip, which is an 8-core chip build on the 64-bit framework.

The main focus across the entire chip, while making, was machine learning, this new chip is built beyond perfection.

A13 Bionic chip not only helps the whole device run smoothly and efficiently but is also the main driving force in bringing imagination to reality.

The whole triple camera setup is depended on this chip for bringing those all breath-taking portraits to life, the smart HDR which uses the A13’s machine learning capabilities to learn the difference between background & subject, to fine-tune both separately.

This chip is the main reason for the high-end unmatchable gaming and every kind of latest AR experience one can get on the iPhone and not on any other device.

All those latest AR apps, Face ID and much more amazing stuff are made possible only by this chip running on board.

And the list doesn’t end here, A13 Bionic Chip has Core ML 3, which works with the Machine Learning Controller to automatically direct tasks to the CPU, GPU or Neural Engine.

It’s a no doubt situation, we can surely call the A13 Bionic Chip the Iron Man of this iPhone series.

Battery life and Charging

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source-: Wccftech

With these kinds of monstrous displays on board, for sure one needs humongous battery capacities as well.

So yes, all three comes with a better, bigger and powerful battery inside which is proved to provide an extra life of up to 5 hours, which means now you can binge-watch all your favourite shows or play your games non-stop, without the need of having charging breaks in between.

And not only bigger batteries but they also support the latest fast-charge technology, which can charge your device up to 50% in just around 30 minutes or less.

So, forget the long waits to get your phone charged, not get the things done in just a snap of fingers.

Ultra-Wideband technology

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source-: NDTV Gadgets

With this chip onboard, iPhone just got a new Spatial awareness technology that allows the iPhone to precisely locate other U1‑equipped Apple devices, and develop a connection between them.

This new technology will not only help us locate other devices but we can share files faster between them.

By pointing our device towards someone else’s will make AirDrop+ prioritize that device so that files can be transferred a lot faster than before.

Water and Dust Resistant

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source-: TechRepublic

So, all three are spill-resistant from every common liquid and also dust resistant thanks to the precision-fitted seals.

Means, now our iPhone is a lot more protected than before and common water spills can’t ruin my phone nor my mood.

And not only spill-resistant, but the new iPhone 11 series is also water-resistant to a max depth of 4 meters, in 11 pro and pro max, and of 2 meters, in iPhone 11, for up to 30 minutes.

Bring on those silly pranks of throwing phones in pools as now my iPhone is all protected.

Even more, stuff to geek on

As geeks can never get enough of something here is the list of all other minimal yet important features available in the new iPhone series.

  • Dolby Atmos and Spatial audio.

Now, with super amazing picture quality we also got a super amazing theatre-like surround sound experience, which means now feel like you are yourself present in the battle zone.

  • Audio Sharing.

Now, listen to the songs which make you and your partner feel the love again, together, as now you can connect two sets of AirPods or Beats headphones at once.

  • Wireless charging.

Forget the need for connecting the annoying power cables as now charge your iPhone wirelessly with any Qi-certified charger.

  • Faster Wi-Fi speeds.

Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) which gives you more speed and lets you download content up to 38% faster.

  • Up to 30 LTE bands.

Gigabit-class LTE for the most extensive roaming worldwide.

  • Dual SIM with eSIM support.

Now, use both your personal and professional connections in the same phone.


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