Wearable Air Conditioner

The device comes with a specially designed shirt that has a pocket behind the neck

By businessinsider.in

Sony has recently launched a mini air conditioner that’s smaller than an average smartphone and you can wear it on the go. It’s called ‘Reon Pocket‘.

The Reon Pocket can reduce the temperature by up to 13 degree Celsius and make it warmer by 8.3 degree Celsius.

As a part of the Sony Startup Acceleration Programme (SSAP), it’s a crowd-funded project that has reached close to 50 percent of its funding requirement so far.

The total cost for the project is 66 million yen. So far, only 31.7 million yen have come in, with a couple of weeks left to meet the deadline. A single unit of the Reon Pocket costs $130.

How does it work?

The device itself may be small but for it to work properly, Reon Pocket comes with a specially designed shirt that has a small pocket behind the neck for the gadget to seat itself.

Essentially, it is smart inner wear meant to be worn underneath your normal clothes.

You can control the temperature using a smartphone app that communicates with the unit using Bluetooth. While keeping you cool in the summer, the wearable technology can also be turned into a heater when winters kick in.

When is it available?

According to the product team, the Reon Pocket can reduce temperatures by up to 13-degree Celsius and make it warmer by 8.3-degree Celsius. In both cases, the fan – which users can control via an app has five different speed settings.

The wearable air conditioner lasts 90 minutes in a single charge on average, according to the company. According to Yoichi Ito, the project leader, they are aiming to commercialize the Reon Pocket by the summer of 2020.

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