What iMuto Has Got For You?

iMuto Power Bank Taurus X4 is here.

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So, in this era of technology power banks have now become a common tech that almost everyone owns.

A wide range of options, Wide variety, so much of different companies offer numerous ranges of power bank, but which one is worth buying and which one is unique in its own way.

In this plethora of power banks, there is one that is super unique and different from almost all others.

iMuto power bank 20000mAh Taurus X4 Power Bank, which is an amazing deal and offers such an incredibly huge capacity at super affordable price.

So, let’s scroll down and know more what sets this power bank apart in the unique category.


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The unique feature which catches most of the eyes is the digital display panel in the front of the power bank, which not only looks good but its super handy feature which shows the exact percentage of battery available in the power bank.

This digital screen feature replaces the old-fashioned LED indicators which are present in almost every other power bank available in the market.

On the build side, it lacks a little like the body of the power bank is made of plastic, which makes it feel cheap, although the plastic used is quite sturdy.

With enclosed black plastic casing, it got nice looking bronze rims, which gives an overall decent design to the power bank.

Here, in design games iMuto power bank doesn’t try to be any fancy, just providing a nice-looking power bank that serves its main purpose and that’s powering devices.

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The power bank has dimensions of 5.12 x 3.07 inches, these small dimensions make the power bank look quite compact.

But in real iMuto power bank, Taurus X4 falls in the thick category as it is quite bulky in size, if we compare the thickness it’s like 5-6 iPads stacked on top of each other.

It comes with a protective pouch to carry it around; it easily goes inside any backpack or bag.

The iMuto Taurus X4 weighs around 458g or 0.5 kg, which is a downfall as it is not comfortable to carry in your back pockets, it might fit but will not feel comfortable.


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So, iMuto might not be a hero in designs and looks, but it got some really amazing features which I guess can help him get the tag of a hero.

A feature that we rarely see in any power bank is the support of pass-through charging.

For those who don’t know,

Pass-through charging simply means charging one or more devices with the power bank while the power bank itself getting charged through any wall outlet.

And Yes, the iMuto Taurus X4 actually supports pass-through charging.

This feature might turn handy in few cases like sometimes we need to charge 2 of our devices and also the power bank itself but we got only one wall socket or charging brick, here we can take help of this feature and leave both of our devices, also the power bank for charging using only one wall socket.

Although, we don’t suggest using the pass-through charging feature too often, as it can lead to damaging the batteries of both your device and your power bank.

iMuto Taurus X4 got two intelligent output ports, which detects your device and delivers the fastest possible charging speed which your device supports.

Both of the ports can deliver an output of up to 2.1A, a total of 4.2A.

But when using both of the ports at the same time, the output will get split up, providing a maximum of 3.1A.

The huge 20000mAh battery, when fully charged, is enough to power an iPhone 6s around, 6 times, a Samsung Galaxy S6 around, 4.5 times or an iPad Air 2, 2 times, or it can even charge a fully drained 12” MacBook to back to power again.

For its own self iMuto takes 13-20+ hours to get fully charged.

With all this iMuto has also provided a flashlight function as well which is quite handy in many cases as the flashlight is bright enough to walk down any dark lane or something.

Not just this iMuto Taurus X4 comes with build-in Overheating protection, Overloading Protection, Surge Protection, and Short circuit safety.

On top of all this iMuto also provides an 18-month warranty.


As per us, we will rate this power bank 3.5/5 stars, this power bank lacks a little only in design but is fully-jampacked in features which I think is pretty great, as it gets the work done.

And the unique features like pass-through charging and digital display screen proves the innovativeness of this product, only if iMuto gives a little more attention to looks and build material, I think they can beat any company easily.

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