Should You Try The New MI 2i?

MI launched the new 20000mAh power bank with 18W fast charging.

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source-: India Today

Xiaomi is known for always bringing quality tech at affordable prices, this time also Xiaomi has proved itself.

On Tuesday, it launched a new 20000mAh power bank, named as MI 2i, for the Indian markets.

This new power bank is priced at just Rs. 1499, and we think it is the best, one can get at this price.

And with this huge battery capacity at such an affordable price, I can assure that now battery drain messages will be a talk of past.

Now let’s dive right into and know more what MI 2i has to offer and it’s potential.

Build and Design

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So, the new MI 2i has many new specs as well, the one which is surely amazing is its high-quality build and the use of PC + ABS materials, which are not only environment-friendly but they also provide an amazingly comfortable grip to the power bank.

MI 2i has a rectangular shape (150.6×72.3×26.3mm) with polished and curved edges to give it a cylindrical feel.

The exterior has a sandstone finish which provides an extra stylish touch to the body of the power bank, and also a scratch-resistant, comfortable and slip-resistant hold.

With all this Mi 2i feels comfortable to carry around and is sturdy enough to face all the rough and tough days of our life, yes, without even getting any scratches or marks.

Also, not only this, even with such a huge battery capacity, this power bank weighs only 358g.

This means you’ll never feel any burden while carrying it around, as it feels almost like nothing in bags or pockets.

It also got a LED indicator which lit up to warn the user whenever the battery gets fully drained.


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So, not only in design but MI 2i is also amazing in features as well.

This power bank has a capacity of 20000mAh which is efficient for all the juice needs of your devices, it can easily fully charge a Redmi K20/ Redmi Note 7 Pro, 3 times, or an iPhone 8, 7.2 times.

It has an intelligent power output adjuster which makes it universally compatible for any device, and also it has Dual USB Ports, both boasting 18W fast charging.

When charging 2 devices simultaneously, one can expect 5.1V/ 3.6A dual output.

Means, Now, not only power requirements are fulfilled but also time efficiency is there to make things work at a faster pace.

And when only one device is connected, the smart MI 2i turns on the Quick Charge 3.0.

Now, forget the long waits for getting your device charged.

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Also, as we said the new MI 2i is smart, not only mobile devices, but it is also suitable for both high and low power requirements.

It has a special feature of 2-hour low power charging, that can be activated by double-pressing the power button.

This low power mode is suited for charging any available Bluetooth headset and fitness bands.

MI 2i has high-density lithium polymer batteries, which means it takes just 6.7 hours via an 18W charger, and approximately 10 hours via a 10W charger, to get itself fully charged.

After knowing all these amazing specifications MI 2i already seems like a pretty amazing deal, but the main feature which sets this power bank apart is the new improvised design of the circuit board.

  • This New Improved Circuit Board has nine layers of chip protection including Temperature resistance, Short Circuit Protection, Reset Mechanism, Input Overvoltage Protection, Incorrect Insertion Protection, Output Overcurrent Protection, Output Overvoltage Protection, Overcharge and Over-discharge Protection, and PTC Protective Circuits for the cell.


According to us, it deserves a 4/5-star rating.

With this new improved technology, spectacular design, fully loaded with features and at this amazingly affordable price of just Rs. 1499, MI 2i can be termed as the best Power Bank available in the Indian market, among its competitors in this price segment.

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