Is Mophie the right companion for your phone?

Mophie PowerCore XL the universal powerhouse for all devices.

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We all love power banks; we all need power banks, but things get amazing when you have a power bank that fits in all possible situations and comes handy with almost every possible device.

A power bank just like this is available in the market which not only makes things amazing but also looks, killer.

Mophie Powerstation XL

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Mophie is the sub-brand of Zagg, who is a global leader in the mobile accessory category. And Mophie, the sub-brand, is ranked at number #1 in the US for external batteries.

Mophie products are recognized all- over for their unique style and perfection.

Let’s move ahead and know more whether this power bank is as amazing as said or not.


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In design, this power bank is one of the best available in the market nowadays, as it comes with an Aluminum Finish which gives this power bank a sturdy and premium look.

The Aluminum casing not only gives this power bank sturdy protection and but is also fingerprint-resistant and stain-resistant, which keeps it nice and clean, just like new, for ages.

The dimensions of the Mophie power bank are 5.0 x 2.73 x 0.63 inches.

With such a sleek and slim look, this power bank is also super lightweight, just 7.58oz/215g.

Yes, you can carry your power bank anywhere you want, just in your pockets and it will not be even noticeable.

On the right side, the power bank got its LED indicators and the power switch. Both placed in a way that they add-on to the minimal look of the power bank.

This power bank is available in 3 amazing colors:

  • Space Grey
  • Gold
  • Rose Gold

So now buy the one which matches your style and looks of your phone.


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So Mophie, as known for its unique style products, proved itself with this sturdy yet minimalistic designed power bank.

But does this power bank serve its sole purpose of providing juice to other devices?

Mophie Powerstation XL has two USB-A type output ports, both give an output of about 2.1A even when using both of them together.

And this power bank is said to be the ‘Universal’ powerhouse as it works with almost every USB supported device, be it your smartphone, your tablet or any wearable device.

It automatically identifies the connected device and delivers the fastest possible or the required amount of power output.

Also, every Mophie Powerstation XL goes through a triple-level of testing to ensure peak-level of performance and comes with build-in safety systems to safeguard in every possible situation.

The power bank itself takes around 10-12 hours to charge itself. With this Powerstation XL. also got Priority+ Charging which automatically gets enabled, when someone connects the device with an already on-charge Mophie power bank.

It first prioritizes your device, charges it using pass-through technology and then it recharges itself.

The battery capacity of Powerstation XL is 10000mAh which, according to us, is not sufficient compared with other Mophie power banks in the same price range.

Also, Powerstation XL comes with a 2-year warranty; this is a perfect add-on to satisfaction given by Mophie.


As per us, we will rate this Mophie power bank a 3.5/5-star rating.

Powerstation XL excels in both design and quality.

But we think it lacks a little behind in providing power to our devices, as it has a less juice holding capacity which makes it suffer. In this price segment, better options are available in the market with more power holding capacities and also decent looks.