Never Lose Things!!

Always losing things? Verizon now has a Smart Locator that can help. It is a flat, egg-shaped device reminiscent of an AirPods case you attach to frequently misplaced items via a clip mount or keyring attachment.

The company pegs the grey locator’s battery life at five days or 120 hours, but that number depends on how often you ping it. If you’re running out of power, a sleep mode can help.

The Smart Locator supports up to five days of usage time before having to recharge it.

Accuracy and limitation

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source-: The Verge

The Smart Locator uses a combination of Bluetooth, GPS and WiFi, and LTE tracking to help you pinpoint exactly which part of the couch your wallet fell into this time. It’s not 4G LTE. It uses LTE-M technology, which doesn’t require as much bandwidth on your network. You shouldn’t expect the service to extend internationally or when roaming kicks in. Bluetooth might take over at that point.

It uses GPS, WiFi-based positioning (WPS) as well as network coverage for accurate location tracking.

Real-time tracking

As a result, Verizon’s gadget claims to have larger range than competitor Tile’s line of Bluetooth monitors. It lets you pair the gadget with the Smart Locator app and keep tabs on valuables from afar. A geofencing option enters or leaves a certain area, from dogs to bikes. You can also add trusted contacts who can find and recover a Smart Locator if you are not around.

All of that assumes you want another device tracking your location. The Smart Locator is currently available for $99.

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