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When we reviewed the nubia red magic gaming phone last year, we loved the unique performance and design. Nubia went to launch the red magic mars but never got in India. The company was now launched the red magic 3 their latest gaming phone that has an actual cooling fan inside- a first for a smartphone.

In terms of design, this definitely feels and looks like a gaming phone. Nubia has including an RGB light strip on the rear which add some cool gaming bling to the phones. The all-metal body has a red accent plus interesting shapes around the camera mode and fingerprint scanner. If that was not enough there is a glowing Red Magic logo too. A pair of ultrasonic triggers on the can be custom configured in games for an advantage.

On the right side are the buttons along with the very visible air vent—this is the exhaust where the hot air is thrown out by the built-in fan. The fan starts automatically when you enable gaming mode and you can control the speed of fan using software setting. Put your ears to the vent and you can hear it running too.

This is the not a gimmick—it is actually working to extract heat from the hottest components inside. This will also have an impact on the performance will perform at peak capacity for longer. 

Along with air cooling, the Red Magic 3 also has liquid cooling. The 7-pin accessories connector on the side can be used for external controllers and other accessories. We also liked nubia still offers 3.5mm jack. However, this is a big phone with a 6.65inch screen and metal body. And it weighs a hefty 215 grams. It is impressive that nubia managed to make the device so well balanced in terms of weight distribution, but is not something you will be able to use one hand comfortably. 

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The red magic three are powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and comes with 8/12gb RAM option with 128 or 256 GB of non-expandable storage. These are the top-end specification for a smartphone. As expected, everything from intensive games to 4k videos runs smoothly on the device without any visual lags or sluggishness. One of the big advantages the red magic three has is the large 5000mAh battery–still, are rarely in a flagship device. Thanks to this massive battery, we regularly got a full day battery life with around 3 hours of gaming per day. If you use the phone normally without any gaming you should get 2 days of battery life. There is also fast charger support in nubia includes a fast charger in the box.

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Red Magic 3 since this is a gaming smartphone, we used it with various popular games like PUBG, Call of duty Mobile, and Asphalt Legends on the phone. Everything run with highest graphics setting with zero frame drops. A dedicated hardware key on the side enables game space, nubia’s dedicated console-style interface to launch games, tweak performance settings and block notification while gaming. We like the implementation of game space as it helped get the best possible performance from the device. Thanks to the combination of liquid cooling plus air cooling, the phone never become too hot to touch. Even after 2 hours of continuous gaming, it was only slightly warm. Also in its favor is the stock Android OS with zero preloaded bloatware. 

The display plays an integral role when gaming and having a screen with a fast refresh rate can aid you during gameplay. Nubia clearly understands this and that is why the red magic three has a 6.65inch full HD display with 90hz refresh rate its only the second fone in India (after one plus 7 pros) to get this high refresh rate display. The excellent blacks and vibrant color offers unimpressive gaming experience on the phone. The only thing we found odd was that the option to change the refresh rate is only available in-game space and not in the general phone settings. Also, while the screen has slim bezels on the side, the top has a fatter bezel and there is a substantial chin. This acts to the overall size of the phone making it a bulky to handle.

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Even true nubia choose to skip the dual/triple camera trend for there gaming phone, it is good to see that they offer the new 48MP IMX 586 camera on the red magic 3. This is a half-inch sensor with pixel binning. The 48MP camera is capable of shooting on its own and we managed to get some great photos with it during both day and night. We did notice that it tends to apply the beauty effect in auto mode by default when shooting portraits.

Also, there is no dedicated portrait mode on the phone which is a slight let down. By default, the camera shoots at the 12MP solution but you can switch to 48MP from settings if required. Up from is a 16MP camera with f2.0 aperture which again impresses with quality and sharpness. However no portrait mode here either. One of the things that stood out on the red magic 3’s rear camera is that it supports the recording of videos in 8k resolution while it shoots at 20-24fps good to see the option of 8k video recording arriving smartphone cameras.

Some of the other features that will like on the red magic 3 include the loud stereo speakers and fast fingerprint scanner. The one feature we wished it had was wireless charging support stop in the battle of gaming phone, the red magic three is an instant favorite of ours and has no competition to worry about in terms of the features it offers at the asking price. 

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• The gorgeous 90Hz display AMOLED display
• Non-expandable storage
• Stylish RGB light panel• No option to control refresh rate outside the game space
• Built-in fan for rapid cooling• No wireless charging or waterproofing
• Buttons for gaming 
• Top-end hardware and performance
• Fantastic battery life with fast charge support
• Good cameras  
• Stock android with a dedicated gaming zone
• The first phone with 8k video recording
• Air cooling + liquid cooling


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