Virtual Reality Solving Problems

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A new study shows that conversation with oneself embodied as someone else works better to solve people’s concern…

Individuals for the most part look for a companion’s recommendation at whatever point in question. In any case, How about taking care of your issues without anyone else? In another examination, scientists found that utilizing virtual reality, individuals can converse with themselves as though they were someone else and subsequently, explain their issues.

Discoveries of the investigation distributed in the diary Scientific Reports demonstrate that conversing with self works better to improve individuals’ state of mind, contrasted with simply discussing your issues in a virtual discussion with pre-scripted remarks.

Body-swapping test

So as to test the thought, specialists contrasted one gathering who chatted with themselves first and afterward body-swapping to a virtual Sigmund Freud (organizer of therapy) and another (control) bunch who addressed the virtual Freud. In any case, all things considered, Freud reacted with pre-scripted inquiries (there was no body-swapping).

Specialists at that point filtered the individual to acquire a ‘symbol which is a 3D-resemblance of the individual.

The member can disclose their own concern to Dr. Freud, and afterward change to being encapsulated as Freud. Presently, epitomized as Freud, when they look towards themselves, or in a mirror, they will see Freud’s body instead of their own.

Better results in dealing with problems

While encapsulated as Freud, and subsequent to seeing a solid similarity of themselves portraying the issue, they can react, similar to Freud, back to themselves and pose an inquiry or help the individual in front (themselves) to discover an answer.

Multi week after the culmination of the trial, in excess of 80 percent of members revealed a change concerning their concern, contrasted with under 50 percent in the control gathering.

“We found that those in the body-swapping bunch showed signs of improvement information, getting, control, and new thoughts regarding their concern contrasted with the control gathering (no body-swapping),” said Mel Slater, lead creator of the examination at University of Barcelona (UB), IDIBAPS and Virtual BodyWorks.

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